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01-01-22   "It Was All So Very Necessary"


01-02-22   "Things Made More Extreme"

01-09-22   "God Provides What You Need"

01-16-22   "Moved By Need"

01-23-22   "All Power and Authority"

01-30-22   "The Life of Faith; the Life of the Cross"

02-06-22   "Jesus Fully Exposed"

02-13-22   "He Gives From Not For"

02-20-22   "The Seed Is Not Forced, It Is Sown"

02-27-22   "Rev. Joshua T. Ball, St. John Ev. Lutheran Church, Ray Township, MI."

03-02-22   "Marked to Die and Rise"

03-06-22   "The Time of Testing Is Defeated In Christ Jesus"

03-09-22   "Forgiven and Delivered"

03-13-22   "No Crumbs, Only Mercy"

03-16-22   "The Troubled Heart Relieved"

03-20-22   "Rev. Roger B. James, Asst to the General Secretary of the International Lutheran Council"

03-23-22   "A House Divided Is United in the Name of the Lord"

03-27-22   "Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers”

03-30-22   “Mercy Shown to a Broken and Contrite Heart”

04-03-22   “Hidden, Yet Faith Sees, Faith Believes”

04-06-22   “Prayers of the Afflicted are Answered”

04-10-22   “The True Victory in Humility”

04-11-22   “Cleaning Up the Mess”

04-12-22   “Desperate Sorrow Gives Way to Plentiful Redemption”

04-13-22   “The Penitent Trusts in God’s Steadfast Love”

04-14-22   “The Fulfillment of the Command”

04-15-22   “A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth”

04-24-22   “Undoubtedly a Bone-Chilling Testimony”

05-08-22   “What Does Jesus Mean?””

05-15-22   “It is to Your Advantage that I Go Away””

05-22-22   “Ask”

06-05-22   “The Holy Spirit Comes as Promised”

06-12-22   “Believing the Heavenly Things”

06-19-22   “God’s Love Extends to All People of All Time”

06-26-22   “Jesus Does the Impossible”

07-10-22   “Never Too Late to Be Forgiven”

07-17-22   “Leaving It All Behind”

07-24-22   “Works of Righteousness”

07-31-22   “With Compassion He Keeps Giving Eternal Food”

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