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01-01-18  "Triple the Blessing”

01-14-18  "Not His Face, but His Glory”

01-28-18  "What Are You Complaining about? It’s FREE!”

01-21-18  "Have No Fear, the Veil Is Removed”

02-04-18  "The Produce’s Seed, or is it, The Seed Produces”

02-11-18  "He Hears Your Cries and Sees Your Heart”

02-14-18  "Greater Than This Love No One Has”

02-18-18  "Tempted, but Not Defeated”

02-21-18  "Greater than This Love No One has for the Thirsty Soul”

02-28-18  "Greater than This Love No One has for the Hungry Soul”

03-07-18  "Greater than This Love No One has for the Sick ”

03-11-18  "The Provider of All Food is the Savior of All Nations”

03-14-18  "Greater Than This Love No One Has for the Destitute”

03-18-18  "The Undeniable Sacrifice for All”

03-21-18  "Greater Than This Love No One Has for the Sinner”

03-25-18  "Surely He was the Son of God”

03-30-18  "The Innocent One in Exchange for the Guilty”

03-29-18  "He Laid Aside More than just His Garments”

04-01-18  "He Is Risen – No Fool’n”

04-08-18  "Not Seeing a Thing but Believing”

04-15-18  "The Shepherd’s Staff Is More Than Just a Rod”

04-22-18  "Taking the High Road”

05-06-18  "His Word Provides Understanding”

05-13-18  "The Spiritual Overhaul”

05-20-18  "The Teacher Is From Out of this World”

05-27-18  "The Holy Trinity Face to Face with Sinners”

06-03-18  "Faith Trusts in Love”

06-10-18  "God’s Persistent Invitation to Receive Wisdom”

06-17-18  "Grace Finds the Lost”

06-24-18  "The Wild Ride of Life”

07-01-18  "Catching Men with the Foolish Story"

07-08-18  "The Fulfillment of the Law Has a Price"

07-15-18  "The Tree Feeds and Pays the Bill"

07-22-18  "The True Prophet Is the Lamb of God Bearing Good Fruit"

08-05-18  "What You Couldn’t, Jesus Did"

08-19-18  "Unusually Strange Behavior"

08-26-18  "Students Have Teachers; Disciples Have One Teacher"

09-02-18  "The Leprosy of the Church"

09-09-18  "Sacrificial Economics"

09-16-18  "Death Is Stopped in its Path; Life Is Given”

09-30-18  "Millions of Questions, One Answer: Jesus”

09-23-18  "The Wisdom of Humility Honored”

10-07-18  "Authority to Heal and to Forgive”

10-14-18  "His Invitation Requires an R.S.V.P.”

10-21-18  "In That Very Hour”

11-04-18  "Rejoice and Be Glad When You are Reviled and Persecuted”

11-11-18  "Alive, Healed and Cleansed”

11-18-18  "In the Very Midst of You”

11-21-18  "Bear Witness and Demonstrate – Give Thanks to the Lord”

11-25-18  "Prepared for the Unexpected”

12-02-18  "Behold! Your King Advents to Hosanna!”

12-05-18  "The Advent of Christ Jesus: Baptism”

12-09-18  "The Lord’s Warnings Are Good News to the Believer”

12-16-18  "Tis the Season to Rejoice”

12-23-18  "Who Are You?”

12-19-18  "The Advent of Christ Jesus: Holy Communion”

12-24-18  "All Those Memories Awaken All Our Senses”

12-30-18  "Old and New; Patience and Pain”

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