01-01-21   "Disinfected in Christ Jesus"

01-03-21   "It’s Not Hiding If It’s the Will of God"

01-10-21   "In Jesus, the Father Is Pleased with You"

01-24-21   "He’s Risen, Tell of the Vision!"

01-31-21   "The Call to Work, Jesus Accomplishes through You"

02-07-21   "Sown with Purpose"

02-14-21   "The One Blind to the Temporal Sees the Eternal"

02-17-21   "Jesus Sinners Doth Receive"

02-21-21   "Temptations Come; In Christ They Are Overcome"

02-24-21   "The Power of Faith over Fear"

02-28-21   "A Faith that Struggles Is a Faith that Long Endures"

03-03-21   "The Strength of Faith Over Fear"

03-07-21   "The Stronger Man Need Only Lift His Finger”

04-10-20   “In Darkness Comes the Light"

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