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01-01-21   "Disinfected in Christ Jesus"


01-03-21   "It’s Not Hiding If It’s the Will of God"

01-10-21   "In Jesus, the Father Is Pleased with You"

01-24-21   "He’s Risen, Tell of the Vision!"

01-31-21   "The Call to Work, Jesus Accomplishes through You"

02-07-21   "Sown with Purpose"

02-14-21   "The One Blind to the Temporal Sees the Eternal"

02-17-21   "Jesus Sinners Doth Receive"

02-21-21   "Temptations Come; In Christ They Are Overcome"

02-24-21   "The Power of Faith over Fear"

02-28-21   "A Faith that Struggles Is a Faith that Long Endures"

03-03-21   "The Strength of Faith Over Fear"

03-07-21   "The Stronger Man Need Only Lift His Finger”

03-10-21   "The Blessedness of Faith Over Fear”

03-14-21   "Miracles Never Cease to Amaze”

03-17-21   "The Comfort of Faith Over Fear”

03-21-21   "The Greater and More Perfect Sacrifice”

03-24-21   "The Hope of Faith Over Fear”

03-28-21   "He Comes! He Goes! We Follow.”

03-29-21   "Surrounded by Darkness, the Light Prevails.”

03-30-21   "Man Plots to Kill; God’s Plan to Redeem”

03-31-21   “Alone He Defeats His Enemies; Alone He Redeems His Holy People”

04-01-21   "A Recipe for Deliverance”

04-02-21   "Seven Last Words from the Cross”  

04-10-20   “In Darkness Comes the Light"

04-02-21   "A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth”

04-04-21   "Living and Alive in Christ Jesus”

04-11-21   "Marks That Bear Witness”

04-18-21   "The Shepherd Is Not Arrogant, He Is Good”

05-02-21   "Away, but Never Absent”

05-09-21   "And When You Pray …”

05-30-21   "The Kingdom of God Comes”

06-06-21   "Covered in the Love of Christ”

06-13-21   "Wisdom Issues a Divine Invitation”

06-20-21   "Receiving the Inheritance from the Father”

06-27-21   "It’s Imperative!!!!!!!!”

07-02-21   "Carl Bertka Funeral”

07-04-21   "What Are You Afraid Of?”

07-11-21   “Fulfilled in Righteousness”

07-18-21   "Jesus Leads the Way”

07-25-21   "The Spirit Sets Us Free to Bear Good Fruit”

08-08-21   "Captivated by His Words”

08-15-21   "Merciful Compassion for Sinners”

08-22-21   "Open Wide”

09-05-21   “Ingratitude Is Not a Fruit of the Spirit”

09-12-21   “More Powerful than a Superhero”

09-19-21   “Impact on Life”

09-26-21   “God Exalts the Humble”

10-03-21   “I Love Your Commandments Above Worldly Things”

10-10-21   “Faith Carries a Long Way”

10-17-21   “A Feast Bought and Paid For”

10-24-21   “The Word Spoken at the Hour of Healing”

10-31-21   “We Need More Reformation”

11-07-21   “The Blessing from God Outnumbers the Evil in the World”

11-14-21   “He Speaks and You Are Made Well”

11-21-21   “There Is No Shortage of Oil Here”

12-01-21   “An Old Message from a Youthful Man”

12-05-21   “Signs of Change”

12-08-21   “It’s Right in Front of You”

12-12-21   “Human Expectations Fall Far Short of Divine Deliverance”

12-15-21   “The Way of Peace”

12-19-21   “There Is a Christ”

12-22-21   “The New Covenant in the Flesh”

12-24-21   “Lights, Angels, Shepherds”

12-25-21   “Grace and Truth Packaged Perfectly in One Word”

12-26-21   “The Best Gift Is Still to Come”

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