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01-01-16  "It Is Necessary"

01-03-16  "To Grow in Christ is to Grow in Wisdoms"

01-10-16  "Hopeful Surprise Made Obvious"

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01-17-16  "Divine Glory … Revealed!"

01-24-16  "We are All from Various Places, Yet United in One Body"

01-31-16  "Miracles Never Cease to Amaze"

02-07-16  "Eighth Day Transfiguration"

02-10-16  "Jesus: The Needed Treasure"

02-14-16  "Rev. Dr. Robert H. Bennett – Executive Director of Luther Academy"

02-17-16  "The Sower"

02-21-16  "The Preacher Who Died for Us"

02-24-16  "The Treasure and Pearl"

03-02-16  "The Lost Sheep"

03-06-16  "He Receives and Eats with Sinners"

03-09-16  "The Unforgiving Servant"

03-13-16  "We are Not Renters, but Heirs"

03-24-16  "The Parable of the Wedding Feast"

03-25-16  "Sinners Take Hold of Jesus"

03-27-16  "Not Just Life, Resurrection Life"

04-03-16  "The Reality that Believing Is Seeing"

04-17-16  "The Good Shepherd Has Good Handss"

04-10-16  "Junk Food Is Not Part of the Diet"

04-24-16  "You Are Not Common, You Are Clean"

05-01-16  "Battles Overcome"

05-08-16  "The Man on a Mission"

05-15-16  "Many Languages – One Message"

05-22-16  "-- Pastor Steinke--"

05-29-16  "Found Faith Is Founded on the Foundation of Jesus Christ"

06-05-16  "Through Tragedy, God Reveals His Glory"

06-12-16  "Forgiven Much or Forgiven Little Matters Not … You Are Forgiven"

06-19-16  "How Much Jesus Has Done for You!"

06-26-16  "Walk in the Spirit, Walk with Jesus"

07-03-16  "Focused on Our First and Final Hope"

07-10-16  "Perfect Compassion for a Half-Dead Beaten Sinner"

07-24-16  "God’s Portrait of the Shepherd and His Sheep"

07-31-16  "The Law of “Fillerupery"

08-14-16  "Christ Jesus Divides in Order to Unite"

08-21-16  "The Unshakeable Narrow Door"

08-28-16  "Humbled and Exalted by the Cross"

09-11-16  "Bringing Joy to God"

09-18-16  "Skimming Off the Top"

10-02-16  "The Enabler of the Impossible"

10-16-16  "Focused Faith Produces Persistent Prayer"

10-23-16  "Condemned with Guilt, Lifted Up by Grace"

10-30-16  "Freed in the Fortress"

11-06-16  "Rejoice and Be Glad"

11-13-16  "Standing Before God"

11-24-16  "Giving Thanks to the Giver and for the Gift"

11-27-16  "The King Who Saves"

11-30-16  "Mount Eden"

12-04-16  "What's So Thrilling"

12-07-16  "Paradise of the Church"

12-11-16  "Unprepared for What’s Expected"

12-14-16  "The Highway of Holiness"

12-18-16  "He Shall Be Called …"

12-21-16  "The Sign of Salvation"

12-24-16  "Christmas without the Story"

12-25-16  "Christ’s Gift for All"

12-31-16  "Knock, Knock …"

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