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Lutherans Believe ...

  • Man was created holy by God but lost this holiness through deliberate disobedience

  • Man is still disobedient as evidenced by his inability to keep the Ten Commandments perfectly.

  • God loves man in spite of mans disobedience. God loves man so much that He laid the guilt and punishment of all sins of all people on His Son, Jesus.

  • Jesus Christ, true God and true man, lived a holy and perfect life on earth, suffered and died on a cross for our sins, and rose again from the dead to prove his victory over sin and death for the justification of man before God.

  • Full and free forgiveness is offered to all people. Those who repent of their sins, believe in Jesus as their Savior and accept his forgiveness, face life with a new joy and greater confidence. They become new creatures in Christ and are certain of going to heaven.

  • The Holy Spirit wants to impart this belief to everyone through the power of the word of God, the Bible, which we believe to be the inspired, inerrant revelation of God himself to mankind.

  • The Church of Jesus Christ is composed of all those who rely on Jesus Christ for forgiveness and eternal life, who adhere to his teachings, and who faithfully partake of His sacraments.

  • Jesus Christ will come again visibly at the end of time as the righteous judge of the world, raise all from the dead, and impart the treasures of heaven to all those who confess him as their personal Savior.


Declarations of the faith of this church

The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

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