01-01-20   "A Child of God"

01-05-20   “What on Earth Is Going On?”

01-12-20   “Called, Chosen, Set Apart?”

01-19-20   “Miracles Never Stop with this Guy”

01-26-20   “Free to Live and in Harmony with One Another”

02-02-20   “It’s Not His Shadow We See, but the Fullness of His Glory”

02-09-20   “Grumblers and Complainers Don’t Receive a Prize”

02-16-20   “Mission Accomplished"

02-23-20   “What?! Are You Blind?"

02-26-20   “O Lord, throughout These Forty Days"

03-01-20   “Be Here, Jesus! For You Have Written…"

03-04-20   “The True Light of the World Comes to Turn Darkness into Light"

03-08-20   “Faith in Jesus Is More than Mere Crumbs"

03-11-20   “Wherever Your Journey, the Light Transforms Your Path"

03-15-20   “The Stronger Man Armored in Human Flesh"

03-22-20   “A Time to Isolate and a Time to Gather"

03-25-20   “In the Midst of Darkness, Enlightened to Rejoice"

03-29-20   “Who has God Made You Out to Be?"

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