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01-13-13  "Where the Temple Is, God Speaks"

01-06-13  "Worship Him Bearing Gifts"

01-20-13  "Miracle of Miracles"

01-27-13  "Body Language"

02-03-13  "Giants"

02-10-13  "Brilliantly Bright Brilliance"

02-24-13  "Kill the Preacher"

02-17-13  "I Double Dare You"

03-03-13  "Producing Fruit Consistent with the Gospel"

03-10-13  "If History is Any Indication"

03-17-13  "Crushed and Broken to Pieces"

03-24-13  "Life Doesn't Always Turn Out the Way You Expect"

04-07-13  "Unending Celebration"

03-31-13  "Easter is Odd"

04-21-13  "You Need Some New Friends"

04-14-13  "The Lord of Second Chances"

05-05-13  "Just a Reminder, He Has Overcome"

05-12-13  "With JJesus Where He Is"

04-28-13  "The Now, Not Yet"

05-19-13  "Many Languages, One Message"

05-26-13  "The Father's Eternal Savior"

06-02-13  "Made Worthy in Christ"

06-09-13  "He Makes Alive Again"

06-16-13  "The Debt is Cancelled"

06-23-13  "Even Today, God Defeats Legions"

06-30-13  "Walking Toward Things Ahead"

07-07-13  "Lambs in the Midst of Wolves"

07-14-13  "Tell It to Everyone"

07-21-13  "Is Laughing Really Lutheran?"

08-04-13  "In Your Riches, Don't Forget God


08-11-13  "More Valuable than a Raven"

08-18-13  "It's Out of This World"

08-25-13  "Four Directions, But Only One Way"

09-01-13  "He Invites to Give, Not to Receive"

09-08-13  "Counting the Costs"

09-15-13  "Who Muddied the Water?"

09-22-13  "Faithful in Little, Faithful in Much"

09-29-13  "Pardon Me, But Your Mercy is Showing"

10-06-13,  "Genuine Faith Believes, Repents, Forgives"

10-13-13,  "Faith Returns Thanks"

10-20-13,  "The Continuous Irritation in the Ear"

11-03-13,  "The Outpouring of Blessings, Never Ceasing Ever Increasing"

11-10-13,  "There are No Dead People in Heaven"

11-24-13.  "Dead and Risen in Christ Our Savior"

12-01-13,  "You Owe Nothing, Except Love"

12-04-13,  "Advent - The Coming of Immanuel"

12-08-13,  "Your Pastor John the Baptist"

12-11-13,  "Advent - The Presence of Christ Today

12-15-13.  "What Were Your Expectations?"

12/22/13,  "It's Not as Long a Wait as You Think"

12/24/13,  "Good News of Great Joy"

12-25-13,  "Proclaim the Savior's Birth"

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