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01-01-17  "Cleansed, Not with Gold or Silver"

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01-08-17  "He Came to Fulfill All Things"

01-15-17  "Guiltless As Charged"

01-22-17  "Called for Service"

01-29-17  "Persecuted on Account of Being a Disciple"

02-05-17  "A Seasoned Useful Disciple"

02-12-17  "A List Not to Overlook"

02-19-17  "The Foundation for Fulfilling the Demand of Perfect Holiness"

03-01-17  "Receiving Your Reward"

03-05-17  "Testing God"

03-08-17  "The First Day - Light"

03-15-17  "The Second Day – Heaven"

03-19-17  "Thirst Quenched, Life Forever"

03-22-17  "The Third Day – Earth, Sea, and Vegetation"

03-26-17  "Sin Is Darkness, Jesus Is Light"

04-02-17  "Condemned by the World, Made Alive in Christ Jesus"

04-11-17  "Before the High Priest and Council"

04-13-17  "The Sixth Day – Man and Beast"

04-14-17  "The Seventh Day – God Rested"

04-16-17  "The Eighth Day – The Resurrection"

04-23-17  "Seeing Does Not Believe, Believing Sees"

05-07-17  "The Door of Protection, Deliverance, and Salvation"

05-14-17  "Home Preparations"

05-21-17  "Loved with an Everlasting Love"

05-28-17  "Do You Know? "

06-04-17  "Jesus Glorified, the Spirit Comes! "

06-11-17  "Holy Lighthouse "

06-18-17  "Inexpressible Compassion "

06-25-17  "Silence is Not Golden "

07-09-17  "The Yoke and the Burden Made Easy and Light"

07-16-17  "The Purpose Driven Word"

07-23-17  "Jesus Gives Us the Victory"

07-30-17  "Treasures both Fresh and Aged"

08-06-17  "Never Ending Food"

08-13-17  "Believing Heart, Confessing Lips"

08-20-17  "Crummy Blessings”

08-27-17  "Transformed and Set Free”

09-03-17  "The Sign of Strength”

09-17-17  "Deliverance in Forgiveness”

09-24-17  "There is Enough for All Who Are Called”

10-01-17  "A Changed Heart Results in a Changed Mind”

10-29-17  "Take it Back with Force”

10-22-17  "The Tax is Paid”

11-05-17  "And Blest are You”

11-12-17  "Fill Your Flasks”

11-19-17  "The Good and Faithful Servant”

11-23-17  "The Thanksgiving to Remember Again and Again and Again”

11-26-17  "Eternity Comes for Sheep and Goats”

12-03-17  "He Comes in Abundance”

12-10-17  "The Great Escape”

12-17-17  "Something to Rejoice About”

12-24-17  "The Message Heard is the Message Believed”

12-25-17  "The Spectacle in the Stall”

12-31-17  "Patience is Pure”

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