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02-02-14  "When Opportunity Knocks, Don't Knock It"

02-09-14  "Remove the Shade...Let the Light Shine"

02-16-14  "Disciplining Disciples"

02-23-14  "Perfected in the Perfection of the Perfect One"

03-05-14  "The Son of God "

03-02-14  "Shhhhh, Tell No One of the Vision"

04-06-14  "Is It Easter Already? "

03-30-14  "Blinded by the Light "

03-16-14  "You Must Be Born Again "

03-23-14  "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say"

03-09-14  "IF…You are the Son of God "

03-12-14  "The Son of God as Servant"

04-14-14  "The Imposter"

04-13-14  "Sir, We would like to see Jesus"

04-18-14  "Death Swallowed Up"

04-16-14  "Hoping for a Sign"

04-17-14  "Something New is Sealed"

04-20-14  "Forever Rescued"

04-27-14  "Forgiven to Forgive"

04-15-14  "Running Away Naked"

01-26-14  "Who Called?"

01-05-14  "Smarter than the Average Bear"

05-04-14  "Jesus Teaches Using Holy Scripture"

05-11-14  "Johnny, What's Behind Door #2?"

05-18-14  "Anchored Together by the Cornerstone"

05-25-14  "The Familiar Promise that Keeps Giving"

06-01-14  "I Didn't Sign Up for This"

06-08-14  "Are You Full of It?"

06-15-14  "Focus...Focus...Fo--Squirrel!"

07-13-14  "It's Not the Seed, It's the Soil"

07-20-14  "An Amazing Grace Adventure"

07-27-14  "You are Not a Seeker, But a Treasure"

06-22-14  "You are Under Grace"

06-29-14  "Someone put Chocolate in my Peanut Butter"

07-06-14  "I have a Yoke for You"

08-03-14  "There is Enough for Everyone"

08-10-14  "A Remarkable Exercise of Faith"

08-17-14  "Waiting for God's Reply to Prayer"

08-24-14  "A Variety of Options, But Only One Truth"

08-31-14  "At the Cross, Christ Paid the Cost"

09-07-14  "The Sinless One Comes to the Sinner"

09-14-14  "Limitless Forgiveness"

09-21-14  "Work is Our Duty, Grace Our Reward"

09-28-14  "By What Authority"

10-05-14  "Where Is His Fruit"

10-19-14  "To Give and To Give Back"

10-12-14  "What Shall I Wear?"

11-02-14  "Blessed are You! Holy are You!"

11-23-14  "I Have an Announcement to Make"

11-16-14  "The One True God Jesus Reveals"

11-26-14  "There is Always One Reason to Give Thanks"

11-30-14  "What Are You Hoping For?"

12-03-14  "And His Name Shall Be Called … WONDERFUL"

12-07-14  "Peace in the Forgiveness of Sins"

12-10-14  "And His Name Shall Be Called … EVERLASTING FATHER"

12-14-14  "The Joy is Among Us"

12-17-14  "And His Name Sha;l Be Called ... PRINCE OF PEACE"

12-21-14  "Love Conquers"

12-24-14  "A Moment of Peace"

12-25-14  "The Infant Word"

12-28-14  "The Offering for All the Innocent"

12-31-14  "A Wondrous Name We Have"

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