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01-04-15  "About the Father's Business"

01-11-15  "Sinner and Saint"

01-25-15  "Mending Our Nets"

02-01-15  "Astonished Upon Hearing the Truth"

02-08-15  "Looking for Jesus"

02-15-15  "Hurry Up and Do Nothing"

02-18-15  "Count Me In or Giving Up"

02-25-15  "The Holy Commandments "

03-01-15  "What Is Your Mind Set On?"

03-04-15  "Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification"

03-08-15  "Enthusiasm for God’s House"

03-15-15  "Believe and Be Saved"

03-18-15  "Holy Baptism"

03-22-15  "Promises Made, Promises Fulfilled"

03-29-15  "The Week Didn't Go As Expected"

03-30-15  "Weeping with Reason"

03-31-15  "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews"

04-01-15  "The Innocent Man Loves"

04-02-15  "The Sacrament of the Altar"

04-03-15  "Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow"

04-05-15  "The Victory Forever Won for You"

04-12-15  "Our Ground Hog Day Experience"

04-19-15  "Reviewing the Past to Move Forward"

04-26-15  "Building a Building on a Name"

05-03-15  "How More Good Fruit is Produced"

05-10-15  "The Abiding Fruit of Faith"

05-17-15  "Confidence in that He Hears Us"

05-24-15  "A Fresh Breath of Life"

05-31-15  "The Gospel on Your Lips"

06-07-15  "Standing Alone, but Still Standing"

06-14-15  "What to Wear"

06-21-15  "Singing in the Rain"

06-28-15  "Measuring the Steadfast Love of God"

07-05-15  "Going Alone but not Alone"

07-12-15  "Delivered on a Silver Platter"

07-19-15  "Sheep with a Compassionate Shepherd"

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07-26-15  "What Are You Afraid Of"

08-02-15  "Because He First Loved Us"

08-09-15  "The Sustenance for Eternal Life"

08-16-15  "Overexposed"

08-23-15  "Traditions Worth Keeping Are Those God Commanded"

08-30-15  "Searching the Heart for the Purity of God"

09-13-15  "Believe! All Things Are Possible"

09-20-15  "He Became Last to be Servant of ALL"

10-04-15  "God Gave Marriage and Family for You"

10-11-15  "What Must I Do?"

10-18-15  "Is it Possible I Can Become Even More Amazed?"

10-25-15  "The Reformation Continues: Here I Stand"

11-01-15  "Receive the Promised Blessings of God"

11-08-15  "In His Proverty, We are Made Rich"

11-15-15  "Worries, Lies, Chaos, Trouble … and His Promise"

11-22-15  "Doorkeepers Are for Insomniacs"

11-25-15  "Giving Thanks in Everything>"

11-29-15  "The Time and Season to Point to Christ"

12-02-15  "While We Wait for the Coming of the Lord Jesus … Take Courage"

12-06-15  "Humbled to Bear Fruit"

12-09-15  "While We Wait for the Coming of the Lord Jesus … Endure"

12-13-15  "Intoxicated in Jesus"

12-16-15  "While We Wait for the Coming of the Lord Jesus … Believe"

12-20-15  "She Bore the Savior of Human Race "

12-25-15  "The Everlasting Word Revealed in Human Form"

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