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01-01-19  "Blessings, Blood, and Beneficiaries”

01-13-19  "Behold His Anointed, His Servant, His Chosen”

01-20-19  "He Changes Water into Wine, What Else Does He Change?”

01-27-19  "Nothing Is Impossible with Jesus”

02-10-19  "The Veil Is Lifted, His Glory Shone”

02-17-19  "Amid the Grumbling and Complaints, There’s Grace”

03-03-19  "Praise Worthy of God”

03-06-19  "Getting Priorities in Order”

03-13-19  "A Crown of Thorns in Exchange for a Crown of Glory”

 03-10-19  "What God Really Said”

03-17-19  "Struggling with Crumbs”

03-20-19  "More than a Slap in the Face”

03-24-19  "The Stronger Man Conquers”

03-27-19  "An Offering to Satisfy the People”

03-31-19  "Promised Free Bread for Everyone”

04-03-19  "Suspended from a Tree”

04-07-19  "The Guiltless Vindicates the Guilty”

04-10-19  "The Deepest Stroke that Pierced Him”

04-14-19  "Cheers to Jeers; The Unexpected is His Plan”

04-18-19  "Cleansed to Love”

04-19-19  "Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle”

04-21-19  "What Are You Afraid Of? He’s Risen!”

04-28-19  "Do Not Disbelieve, but Become Believing”

05-05-19  "Known through the Scriptures”

05-19-19  "Receiving Help from the One Who Sends the Helper”

05-26-19  "Prayers Out of the Heart”

06-02-19  "Good News Isn’t Always What You Think It Is”

06-09-19  "The Mighty Works of God”

06-16-19  "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts”

06-23-19  "God Is Not a Gumball Machine”

06-30-19  "The Compelling Invitation”

07-07-19  "Rejoice! The Lost Sinner Is Found!"

07-14-19  "Take Off the Mask and Put On Christ"

07-21-19  "From the Boat He Teaches, with His Word He Saves"

07-28-19  "The Fulfilling Is Fulfilled by the Fulfiller"

08-04-19  "Compassion Feeds Hunger"

08-11-19  “False Teachers Produce Lies; Jesus Is the Truth”

08-18-19  “Shrewd, Crude, or Prude”

08-25-19  “Holy Words, Holy Teaching, Holy Jesus”

09-01-19  “On Account of His Mercy, the Penitent Sinner Goes Home Justified”

09-08-19  “When Doors Close, the Lord Opens"

09-22-19  “Led by the Spirit, the Believer Gives Thanks and Is Ready for Service"

09-29-19  “The Greatest in the Kingdom of God Is the Least on Earth"

10-13-19  “The Life of Humility, the Promise of Resurrection"

10-20-19  “A Glimpse into Heaven, into God’s Grace"

10-27-19  “The Son Sets Us Free Indeed!"

11-10-19  “Repent! Christ Comes Again!"

11-17-19  “Faith Does, Unbelief Doesn’t"

11-24-19  “The Wedding Planner"

11-28-19  “Giving Thanks for All Things"

12-01-19  “He Came, He Comes, He Is Coming Again"

12-04-19  “The Shepherd Promised"

12-08-19  "Straighten Up! Raise Your Heads! Watch! He Comes!"

12-11-19  "The Shepherd Betrayed"

12-18-19  "The Shepherd Exalted"

12-22-19  "Happiness Is …"

12-24-19  "Be Not Afraid! God’s Glory Is Here!"

12-25-19  "The Living Nativity Seen"

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