Bible Study

Join us to study the Word of God.  
Sunday Morning Bible Class 

In Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, he writes to Christians he has not yet met but intends to visit soon. Since he has not preached in Rome, he writes a full and rich account of God’s plan of salvation through faith in His Son and encourages the Romans to live as Christians in this sinful world. Martin Luther thought so highly of this letter he recommended that all Christians memorize the whole book. Although that is not the goal of our Sunday Morning Bible Class, we will nevertheless go through every chapter and verse in order to experience the richness of this impressive letter. There are so many “golden nuggets” to accumulate from this single New Testament book. Don’t be shy, be intrigued. Come join in on the study Sunday mornings following Divine Serve and a quick stop at the coffee table.

Wednesday Morning Bible Class

On Wednesday mornings at 10:15 am, in the Church narthex, we gather with Pastor Kress around tables to talk theology, ask a wide range of interesting questions, and witness our own theology shaped by the Word of God. No one is required to know anything about everything. If you have questions or are interested in listening in on our Table Talk you are welcome to join us in some engaging and thought provoking conversations.

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